Welcome to Clever Labs where we show off the projects the team at Clever Web Design are most passionate about.

The projects featured here are the part of our portfolio that span beyond client work. Some of these projects are for profit but most of them are a labor of love. We're passionate about web development and design and the result of that passion are the projects you'll see here. An competent programmer learns what he needs to know to finish the job. A great programmer always challenges himself in new and creative ways. Clever Labs is the result of our need to challenge ourselves.

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Write.app is a web based notebook. It is private and available on any device connected to the web including any computer, smartphone, or tablet. It's great for people who like to journal and useful for just about anything including something as mundane as writing little to-do lists or writing short notes to yourself. The project's goal is to create a beautiful web based notebook for personal use anywhere.

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Write.app web based notebook for quick notes


GatsbyTrack is project management for everyone else. Most project management applications assume you're working with a single group (usually a company). GatsbyTrack is your personal productivity butler. It allows you to view all schedules, keep all project files in one place, organize your tasks into groups and projects, and finally ditch email for managing projects.

GatsbyTrack project management software

Fraction.less Boilerplate

Fraction.less is an open source web development boilerplate. We use it to start all of our projects at Clever Web Design. It's constantly evolving as we learn new techniques and incorporates elements of some of the best front-end frameworks on the web.

Fraction.less Web Development Boilerplate

Coming soon


StopSupporting.me is a crusade to get people to stop using Internet Explorer completely for the good of the web as even the latest versions of Internet Explorer don't render websites as they should requiring developers to create two websites for everyone one - a site for Internet Explorer and a site for every other standards compliant browser.


CloudThing is a pet to-do list project written in Ruby and using Rails. The plan is to let anyone use it free. It's an open source project and the source will be available on GitHub in time.

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Bill Patrianakos is the guy behind Clever Web Design and these projects Bill Patrianakos is the founder and lead programmer at Clever Web Design and the guy behind the projects listed here. If you're interested in these projects or want to find out more about the person behind all the code, you might like these sites run by the same people.

And one more thing...

We're working on even more projects than are listed here, believe it or not. These are simply the ones we are putting the most focus on and are likely to be completed within the next few months. New projects will be added for your enjoyment as they come about.